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Vietnam has been famous for its fine silks since ancient times when the clothes was a valuable and much prized trading commodity in Asia and throughout the wider world.
Khai Silk, Vietnam’s premier silk boutique, first offered its fashionable silk-based creations and unique designs to a discerning public in 1980. Since then Khai silk has become synonymous with exciting silk fashions, accessories and even soft furnishings and home wear.
To enter a Khaisilk boutique is to enter another world – a world of style and high fashion, of quality and taste. Khai Silk’s cutting edge designs adorn a wide range of items, from the traditional Vietnam Ao Dai – the graceful national dress for ladies – to the very latest clothing styles and fashions.
Gentlemen are well catered for with a range of stylish suits, shirt, ties and accessories including shoes, bags, shawls and scarves.
For the fashionable home Khai Silk offers beauty soft furnishing, from raw cloth to the finished product, a range that includes chic bed linens, lampshades, cushion and throws.
Continually being developed by our team of designers and artists, while the production process is monitored at every stage.
Vietnamese silk represents superb value and at Khai Silk we set our standards high while keeping our prices low. A tailored ensemble or suit can be produced at Khai Silk for a fraction of the cost of an “ off the rack” item at home. And our “ Ready - to – wear” range offers excellent value for money while standards remain as high as you would expect from Vietnam’s leading silk boutique.
Shopping at Khai Silk is always a pleasure, our stylishly appointed boutiques providing an ideal showcase for our wide range of fashions, furnishing and accessories. Our friendly, attentive and knowledgeable staffs are always at hand to offer advice and assistance with your purchase.
If it’s style you are seeking, look no further than Khaisilk