Referring to the first-class French restaurant in Saigon, the connoisseur of French cuisine will immediately think of “villa” Au Manoir. After 15 years of success, now with the talented hands of the owner, Au Manoir has changed from the inside out to give diners a pleasant surprise.

An ancient villa nearly one hundred years old, lying silently in a quiet garden, lovers of French cuisine come to Au Manoir will not only enjoy fully authentic French dishes, but also discover a luxury space as a corner in King Louis XIV’s Palace.

Now, arriving here, you will be surprised when walking into a unique space. With the marvelous change of Au Manoir, all hustle and bustle of life seem to be left outside the gate, you will be in an ecstasy of amazement with new things Au Manoir brought.

Delicious French Cuisine
French Cuisine

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Our chef is ready to serve you the true authentic French dining experience.
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Drink List

Our Drinks

Our bar is staffed by friendly bartenders and they are ready to serve you cold beer and alcoholic beverages.
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Our Special Wine List
Wine List

Wine List

We carry an incredible varieties of vintages and wineries that makes it very easy to get an overview of the area wines in the comfort of our tasting room.
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